Blue Jean Babe

First off let me start by saying I am completely OBSESSED with anything jean and this is 1 of many posts you will be seeing featuring this trend!!!


This dress from Fashion Nova is everything!!! The first thing I thought about before buying was …”I might get a little hot in this with the long sleeves and all”… but I was sooo wrong!! It fits perfect!! So perfect I was confident enough to rock it without a bra! And the sleeves were not restrictive at all. This dress is breathable but also keeps you snug enough for a crisp breeze. Its a total winner in my book 🙂



The lace up detail is super cute and I accented with a few bunched chokers/necklaces.

I paired the dress with these heels I purchased from Agaci on SALE!!! YESS HUNNYYYYY 🙂

Links below …


Dress: Fashion Nova

Shoes: Agaci 

Chokers: Forever 21

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