Health Tip : Water, Water, Waterrrr!!!

Earlier this year I decided to make a change and work on my health and fitness. I thought to myself, “whats the first thing I can do because I know this is going to be one long journey?” So I analyzed what I was consuming and decided that I would start by changing what I drink. I cut out all soda pop or sugary drinks from my diet and from that day forth, I programmed my brain to think WATER, WATER, WATER!!! -with the exception of tea and natural squeezed juices. At first, you’re going to miss your daily coke or caramel drizzle coffee but believe me it’s so worth the swap in the long run. Not only did my face clear up and bloating decreased but overall I felt more refreshed and awake. I’ll also do fun things like make detox water and other fruit infused mixes to spice it up! Plus.. you get to eat all the fruit at the end of each glass 🙂

Below are some ideas to help you along your water drinking journey….


You can reuse a milk jug or make a chart to track your daily intake…


Here are some fusion water combinations from


Check out these other articles on the benefits of water and other recipes…Enjoy!!


-Mella :-*

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Bonus Tip: HOT Lemon Water

Check this article out by David Wolfe: Incredible Benefits of Lemon Water

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