Yeezy Vibez

Yeezy Viben Fa Sh0 😉 !!!!! img_0951IMG_0959.jpg

So obviously I am totally in love with the entire yeezy line and wanted to recreate the look in my own way. I actually got this jacket from my momma shhhhh 🙂 !!! …but we were shopping at H&M and found this bad boy on clearance for $25!!!! Cha-Ching!!!!!!! Had to snatch it up ASAP! The length and baggy-ness is perfect and gives a tomboy like look that I adore.


The peep toe thigh high heels are to die for !!!!! No lie they are EVERYTHINGGGGG!!! These  showstoppers instantly became my favorite and I want to find a way to rock them all year round. They are not only comfortable but very sturdy with the thick round heel and the material hugs your legs like a snug sock. I wore basic nude body suit underneath the jacket and some super cute clear glasses with a pom beanie to complete the look. Links below XOXOX!!!


Photocred: Kristy Tabing

Jacket: H&M

Jumpsuit: Discovery Clothing

Shoes: Ego Official

Glasses and Hat: Jeanettix


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