Sweat It Out Saturdays!!!!

Exercise is a very important component to losing weight.

Weather its yoga, boxing, weight training, or whatever it may be, find a fitness routine that works for you and stick with it. For me, outdoor running and home workouts were the most effective and felt the most comfortable since I wasn’t feeling confident enough to hit the gym just yet. It’s the perfect judge free zone where I can make as many weird faces as I want while fighting thru it LOL 🙂 !!! I swear by the site DailyBurn.com!! It’s the perfect video fitness hub and you can sign in on your phone or tablet so you can practically workout anywhere. After a jog I would log on and get to work !! They have a wide variety and you can choose how much time you have like 30 mins, 45 mins, etc. I really loved the workouts because the were challenging but easy to follow at the same time. I felt like I was working my whole body and broke out in a sweat pretty quick. They also offer modified versions too! Dailyburn.com is my favorite go to site for quick, effective workouts but there are plenty of guides and sites out there to join that are awesome as well!! I provided a link to the site below and also some other goodies..enjoy 😉 !




BeachBody On Demand

Other home guides to follow…



Don’t Forget! Form is key!.. Heres a chart showing a proper squat…


Now get out there and GET YOUR SWEAT ONNNNNN 🙂 !!!!!

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