Rock It Out!

I just wanted to do a little quick post to show you all these amazing boots and ACDC bomber jacket that I love soooo much!!! 😉


The above picture totally describes how happy I feel in this outfit!! I love this color of jean material and the boots fit perfectly snug around your thigh. The jean trend is going strong so these are a great addition to your closet since you can pretty much rock them all year round. And can we talk about this ACDC bomber jacket!!! LOVEEEEEEEE !!! Im kinda bummed I didn’t capture the back 😦 because that’s where most of the detail is ..but im still obsessed!!  The vintage rocker tee trend is still going stong as well so I paired the bomber with a bleached vintage ACDC concert tee to round off the look.

Links below 😉 -Enjoy!!!


Jean Thigh High Boots: AMI Clubwear 

ACDC Bomber Jacket: Forever 21

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