Laced Up

It’s a Photoshoot Girllll Its a Photoshoot LOL 😉 !!!



 Ello 😉 !! Just wanted to share another quick post showing you all these super sexy pants I purchased from Fashion Nova!! I absolutely adore them and they give off the perfect sexy rocker vibe that I love to transform into. This cute little bralett fit just right with an oversized jean jacket to top it off but you can pair them with any cute crop top or rocker tee. I feel dangerous in this outfit LOL hahaha!! Ohhh !!! ..How can I forget my favorite thing .. The Glasses !!!! My girl over at Jeanettix is going crazy with the lenses so be sure to check her out and stay in tune with the latest!

More pics and links below…

-Enjoy 🙂



Had to switch up the glasses 😉 ….



Pants: Fashion Nova

Glasses:  Jeanettix


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