Nails: Mood Changing Manicure

This new nail trend is so awesome and as soon as one of my coworkers showed me I knew I just had to have it. Read More

Health Tip : Water, Water, Waterrrr!!!

Earlier this year I decided to make a change and work on my health and fitness. I thought to myself, “whats the first thing I can do because I know this is going to be one long journey?” Read More

Blue Jean Babe

First off let me start by saying I am completely OBSESSED with anything jean and this is 1 of many posts you will be seeing featuring this trend!!! Read More

Trendy Tie Dye

This Tie Dye dress is totally giving me 70’s vibes!!!! Read More

Mauve State of Mind


It was total love at first sight as soon as I laid eyes on this stunning skirt From Fashion Nova. Im obsessed with the color mauve and the super sexy, but still classy, thigh slit reeled me in for the purchase.  Read More


Hello and welcome to my personal style blog, Unbiased Fashion!!!

My name is Carmella Bias and I’m a 26-year-old healthcare professional with an undeniable passion for fashion! Growing up I always had a closet full of clothes oozing with outfits for your every mood. I would classify my style as very diverse ranging from classy chic to edgy street and everything in between, Hence the name Unbiased ;). Fashion is in my blood and I definitely owe is to my beautiful mother for inspiring me and tapping into my creativity at such a young age. In This blog you will find not only my personal look book, but also tips and insight on other topics such as fitness, beauty, and things that inspire me everyday. So get ready for hot fi-yahhhh hunny, it’s a party over here and we’re turning all the way up !!! ENJOY……..


Mella :-* Read More